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This folder provides links to interviews, lectures, broadcasts or speeches which are in digital form on the internet. Readers can click on the INDEX button to peruse a list of contents.    

Mike Nock

Mike Nock


Interviewed by Fem Belling

Wheeler Centre, June 7, 2014

As part of the 2014 Melbourne International Jazz Festival’s conversation series at the Wheeler Centre, pianist/composer Mike Nock was interviewed by Fem Belling.  Nock looks back over his 30-album career, delving into technique, influence and creativity with his interviewer.

Allan Browne

Allan Browne


Interviewed by Andrew Dickeson

Jazz Voices series, May 12, 2014

Allan Browne was a leader in the Australian jazz community. He worked for over 50 years in jazz and was known for his ability to cross jazz genres, playing in a range of styles that has earned him many prestigious awards including the highest award in Australian music, the Don Banks award….

Paul Grabowsky

Paul Grabowsky


Delivered by Paul Grabowsky, September 20, 2016

In the 2016 Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture on September 20, 2016 Paul Grabowsky asks crucial questions about the role of the creative arts in Australia today. His free-flowing, spirited and honest reflections share the syncopation and rhythms of jazz, touching on a wide-ranging set of themes…