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jazz australia

Jazz Australia (Number One) was a one-off magazine published in the mid-70s, probably in 1975, as it was a “convention special”, and the Australian Jazz Convention was held in Sydney at the end of that year. It is not dated, nor does it have a masthead. It is a comprehensive survey of Australian jazz up till that time, running to just under 100 pages. It appears to have been edited by John Clare, whose photograph is the first to appear in an introduction called JAZZ NOTES. Many articles in the magazine have no by-line but obviously the bulk of the articles have been written by Clare, who at that time was most well-known for his writings in the magazine Jazz Down Under. Other authors credited include Mike Williams, Jack Mitchell, Geoff Gilbert, Dick Hughes, Ian Neil, Eric Child, and Moya Wood. Thanks to drummer and bandleader John Pochée for providing this invaluable document in March, 2019.