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JazzChord, the newsletter of the jazz co-ordination program based in Sydney, New South Wales, commenced in magazine form with  Edition No 11 (Jan/Feb, 1993). In Edition No 15 (Sep/Oct, 1993) a column called 'DisChords', usually written by Jazz Co-ordinator Eric Myers, was introduced to canvass issues that were currently alive in the jazz community. Generally it was a forum for the editor of JazzChord to air his personal views, and to document the achievements of the jazz co-ordination program. Additional photos, not possible in JazzChord, have been included.

Garry Lee

Garry Lee


by guest columnist Garry Lee

JazzChord, Jun/Jul, 2000

Thanks to Eric Myers, the editor of JazzChord, for his invitation to contribute this article following Adrian Jackson's article in the last issue. Like Adrian I have worn and continue to wear many jazz hats. Some of my past roles include chair of WA jazz co-ordination program, WA jazz co-ordinator, administrator of WA Youth Jazz Orchestra, convenor of jazz education conferences, jazz broadcaster, Perth Jazz Society committee member, and Australasian President of the International Association of Jazz Educators. …




by guest columnist Sylvan (Schmoe) Elhay

JazzChord, Feb/Mar, 2001

Some years ago I spent three months at Stanford University for professional reasons. While there I used the practice facilities of the Stanford Music Department and as a result I discovered the Stanford Jazz Workshop. This annual event is a self-funded program that operates for about eight weeks in the summer. For the first six weeks the Workshop runs concerts, talks and lecture/demonstrations. The seventh week is a live-in workshop for children and the last week is for adults. The faculty for these workshops is drawn from the whole USA and brings jazz giants into day to day contact with students who range from 9 or 10 year-olds through to retired Silicon Valley electronics engineers. The common interest is jazz…