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Between 1993 and 2002, 53 editions of the bi-monthly magazine JazzChord were published as part of the National Jazz Co-ordination Program. This folder includes a selection of articles from those editions. Articles published in JazzChord appear on this site also in the JOHN CLARE, JAZZ CO-ORDINATION, BOOK REVIEWS, CONTRIBUTIONS and OBITUARIES folders. Readers can click on the INDEX button for a list of articles in this folder.

Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman


 A Quiet Reflection by John Clare

JazzChord, Apr/May 2001 and Jun/Jul 2001 editions

In the century that just flicked by, artists did these things: praised war (the Futurists), ex-tolled hysteria and paranoia (the Surrealists), hung himself up with hooks through his skin (Stelarc), presented silence as a composition (Cage), improvised large canvasses in a lather of splashing, slashing, dribbling and pouring (Pollock), banished all planes but the vertical and horizontal - and therefore all angles but the right angle (Mondrian). And so on…