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This section includes reviews of books on jazz subjects by a number of writers. Reviewers interested in contributing are welcome to contact the editor by filling out the form in the CONTACT tab. When contributing please include the title of the book and its author, the name of the publisher, the date of publication, the book’s ISBN number, and the number of pages in the book. Please also provide, if possible, a high resolution scan of the book’s cover. Readers can click on the INDEX button for a list of reviews in this folder.



by Mike Williams

Reviewed by Dick Scott

Jazz Magazine, May/June, 1981

Too many jazz books over the years have sought to ‘dignify’ the music with wordy dissertation and pontification or have become glorified discographies. They have missed the joy, intimacy and essential spontaneity of jazz. Not so Mike Williams in his The Australian Jazz Explosion. He has not so much written a book as acted as compere, to 31 musicians…