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This section includes essays on various jazz subjects, written by a number of writers. Contributions are welcome. Writers interested in contributing are welcome to contact the editor by filling out the form in the CONTACT tab. Photographs to illustrate those essays are welcome. Readers can click on the INDEX button for a list of articles in this folder.

Viktor Zappner

Viktor Zappner


by Viktor Zappner

October, 2006 (with a 2016 update)

When I retired on 4th of July, 2006, my 45 years connection with psychology and pedagogy ended.  When it comes to music, though, it started in the prenatal stage.  My mother was a good piano player and an amateur operatic singer.  She liked to fool around with tunes - combination of improvisation and musical comedy.  My father even had some singing lessons while living in Paris for several years before the World War II…

Graeme Bell

Graeme Bell


by Graeme Bell AO MBE

Australian Jazz Museum Magazine, April 2018

In the basket of pure music, jazz occupies a significant compartment. We know its influences and its origins, so I don’t need to go into that. It has a colourful history, it hasn’t been plucked out of thin air. It has its roots firmly planted in the soil of human emotions — sorrow, joy, anger, love, ecstasy, passion, warmth etc — all blended in a mix of sounds we call music. In the lexicon of music, jazz takes its place with Bach, Ravel, Piazzolla…

Errol Buddle

Errol Buddle


Mike McKeon interviews the great Australian saxophonist

Jazzline, Vol 45, No 1, Autumn 2012

Mike McKeon: It’s great to meet you at last Errol. It is very kind of you to give us the time to hear about your musical career as one of the most talented ‘doublers’ in Australian music ‘royalty’ along with Don Burrows amongst others. Many people may not know of your exploits - perhaps because you were in America for some years. It was there though that the Australian Jazz Quartet/Quintet became one of the five most popular jazz groups in all America for some years. Could we start with where were you born?