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This section includes essays on various jazz subjects, written by a number of writers. Contributions are welcome. Writers interested in contributing are welcome to contact the editor by filling out the form in the CONTACT tab. Photographs to illustrate those essays are welcome. Readers can click on the INDEX button for a list of articles in this folder.

Chris Abrahams

Chris Abrahams


by Mark Bazeley

Jazz Magazine, Summer/Autumn 1986

This first solo album of Chris Abrahams, of The Benders, is a remarkable debut, and certainly worthy of a place in a review alongside Mike Nock. I find it extraordinary that such a young performer can encapsulate such a complete emotional landscape in his compositions. Beside this, his excellent technical ability at the piano rates a secondary mention…

Ray Swinfield

Ray Swinfield


by Bruce Johnson

Jazz Magazine, May/June, 1983

Ray Swinfield’s name will be familiar to many readers of Jazz Magazine, since he is in fact an Australian musician, active in Sydney before he departed for the UK where I understand he is much in demand as a session man. This LP is the second under his own name, and it indicates that, while he may have become a more or less permanent resident of England, he has by no means forgotten Oz. The title of the album is taken from one of the songs on side 2, part of what he calls The Sydney Suite...

Brian Brown

Brian Brown


by Adrian Jackson

Jazz Magazine, March/April, 1983

Melbourne musician Brian Brown has been one of Australia’s most important modern jazz musicians for more than 20 years now. He first achieved celebrity status in 1974 when his quintet performed at The Basement and made the Sydney jazz scene sit up and take notice. The Brian Brown Quintet’s Carlton Streets launched Horst Liepolt’s 44 Records label, and Brown’s band began to receive invitations to appear at major music festivals around the country. If the Australian Jazz Explosion shot anyone to prominence, it was Brian Brown...