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This folder includes obituaries for jazz musicians or persons of significance to the Australian jazz community, written by several contributors. Click on the INDEX box to access a list of obituaries contained in this folder.



by Eric Myers

The Australian, August 18, 2017

Growing up on a dairy farm in rural South Australia, Janet Seidel would listen to jazz on the late-night ABC radio programs Relax With Me and Music to Midnight. It’s where she first encountered the voice of American singer and pianist Blossom Dearie, an artist who would greatly influence her own style in later years. Seidel has died at age 62 after a short battle with cancer...


OBITUARY: JOE LANE 1927 – 2007

by John Pochée

Joe Be-Bop Lane was born in Sydney on March 21, 1927. He began singing whilst still attending school. His first name was actually Keith but according to various stories he used to bring a banjo to school (or mimicked a banjo) and became known as “Banjo”, which was later shortened to Joe. I first met him at the Mocambo in 1957 and he became a good friend and teacher…



PriceRayAJM (2).jpg


by Bruce Johnson

Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 18, 2012

Raymond Arthur Price (1921-1990), jazz musician, was born on 20 November 1921 at Canterbury, Sydney, fourth of five children of Walter James Price, carpenter, and his wife Nellie May, née Knudson, both born in New Zealand. His parents were musicians, and Ray played drums in the Price family orchestra in the 1930s, including during a tour of New Zealand in 1938...