Eric Myers Jazz

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TOM BAKER 1952-2001 by Bruce Johnson

MADDY YOUNG 1972-1997  by Eric Myers

BRYCE ROHDE 1923-2016 by John Shand

DAVID ADES 1961-2013 by John Shand

BILL HOWARD 1947-1996 by Allan Browne

ADRIAN RAWLINS 1939-2001 by Peter J F Newton

BERNIE McGANN 1937-2013 by John Shand

JANN RUTHERFORD 1964-2003 by John Shand

DOC WILLIS 1926-1995 by Dick Hughes

ROGER JANES 1942-2001 by David Ridyard

ROGER FRAMPTON 1948-2000 by Dennis Koks

IKE ISAACS 1919-1996 by Eric Myers

FRANK JOHNSON 1927-2000 by Bill Haesler

BRIAN BROWN 1933-2013 by Tony Gould

ALLAN BROWNE 1944-2015 by Timothy Stevens

JOHN SANGSTER 1928-1995 by Bruce Johnson

ERIC CHILD 1910-1995 by Clement Semmler

RON FALSON 1928-2008 by Ross Heathcote

HARRY STEIN 1919-1994 by Bruce Johnson

JACK BROKENSHA 1926-2010 by John Shand

CHARLIE MUNRO 1917-1985 by Bruce Johnson

TOM PICKERING 1921-2001 by Ian Pearce

ALAN BRINKMAN 1917-2000 by Ian Pearce

 IAN PEARCE 1921-2012 by Simon Petty

JOHN ‘OCKER’ BAMFORD 1930-1985 by Bruce Johnson

JACKIE ORSZACZKY 1948-2008 by John Shand

LEN BARNARD 1929-2005 by Hash Varsani

KEITH STIRLING 1938-2003 by John Clare

JOHN EDGECOMBE 1925-1985 by Bruce Johnson

KENNY POWELL 1925-2011 by John Shand

CEDRIC PEARCE  1919- 1982 by Tom Pickering

JUNE SMITH 1930-2016 by Garry Lee

GEORGIA LEE 1921-2010 by Nikki Henningham

GRAEME BELL 1914-2012 by Harriet Veitch

KATE DUNBAR 1923 - 2017 by Bill Haesler

ADRIAN FORD 1940 – 2017 by Bill Haesler

JANET SEIDEL 1955-2017 by Eric Myers

JOE LANE 1927 – 2007 by John Pochée

RAY PRICE 1921–1990 by Bruce Johnson

JOHN McCARTHY 1930-2011 by Dick Hughes with Bill Haesler

ARCH McKIRDY 1924-2013 by Peter Martin & Peter Wall

JACK SAVAGE 1927-2009 by John Shand

NEVILLE STRIBLING 1936-1996 by Bill Haesler

BARRY WOODS 1939-2011 by Carla Teixeira

PAT WADE 1926-2009 by Peter J F Newton

STEWART SPEER 1928-1986 by Duncan Kimball

TERRY WILKINSON 1931-2013 by Barry Morris

ROGER BELL 1919–2008 by Ray Marginson

DAVE DALLWITZ 1914-2003 by Jane Hylton

ALLAN ZAVOD 1945-2016 by Angel Romero

KEN JAMES 1944-2012 by John Clare, Peter Rechniewski, Sandy Evans, Cheryl Kelly, John Pochée

DICK MONTZ 1942-2005, by Peter McCallum

ERROL BUDDLE 1928-2018 by Eric Myers

ERROL BUDDLE, 1928-2018 by Bruce Johnson

BERNIE McGANN 1937-2013 by John Clare

JOE LANE 1927-2007 by John Shand

JIM DAVIDSON 1902-1982 by Jack Mitchell

JOHN McBEATH  1938-2018 by Roger Mitchell & Martin Jackson

DICK HUGHES 1931-2018 by Eric Myers

RODERICK MAYHEW 1972-1999 by Eileen Mayhew

WARWICK (WOCKA) DYER 1928-1955  by William H Miller

ROLF STUEBE 1964-1996 by Eric Myers

WALLY WICKHAM 1924-1996 by Bruce Johnson

MIKE WILLIAMS 1926-1986 by John Shand

ROGER HUDSON 1934-1986 by Bruce Johnson

JOHN SPEIGHT 1935-2007 by John Shand

DICK HUGHES 1931-2018 by Malcolm Brown

JIM SOMERVILLE 1922-2018 by Phil Somerville

ERROL BUDDLE 1928-2018 by Maree Steinway

DON HARPER 1921-1999 by Eric Myers

MILES DAVIS 1926-1991 by Ian Carr

TONY NEWSTEAD 1923-2018 by Mark and Steven Newstead

PADDY FITZALLAN 1925- 2015 by Garry Lee

VALÉ BERNIE McGANN 1937-2013 by Garry Lee

ALEX FRAME 1929-1998 by Bill Haesler

KERRIE BIDDELL 1947-2014 by Anthony O'Grady

BRIAN BROWN 1933-2013 by John Shand

JOHN GILL 1954–2011 by Gretel James

RICK PRICE 1930-1999 by Pat Theoharris

JACK ALLAN 1929—1995 by Bruce Johnson

DON ANDREWS  1929–2012 by Unknown Author

JAMIE FIELDING 1960-1993 by Martin Jackson & Sherre Delys

WHITNEY BALLIETT 1926-2007 by John Fordham

CLIFF BARNETT 1930-2006 by Dan Barnett 

PAT QUA 1926–2018 by Bill Haesler OAM

CHUCK MORGAN 1952-2018 by Bill Haesler OAM

BRUCE HANCOCK 1948-2018 by Ted Nettelbeck

CLARE BAIL 1926–2018 by Eric Myers

HORST LIEPOLT 1927-2019 by Eric Myers

HARRY HARMAN OAM 1927-2019 by Bill Haesler

BILL MOTZING 1937-2014 by Bill Motzing (Jr)

BARRY BUCKLEY 1938-2006 by Ted Vining

EDWIN DUFF 1928-2012 by Malcolm Brown

ALAN TURNBULL 1943–2014 by Dave Goodman

BRUCE VILES 1944-2019 by Eric Myers

ED GASTON 1929-2012 by John Shand

DON BANKS 1923-1980 by Michael Barkl with Bruce Johnson

DON BANKS 1923-1980 by Larry Sitsky

ROGER FRAMPTON 1948-2000 by Kevin Jones

ROGER FRAMPTON 1948-2000 by John Clare

KEVIN JONES 1939-2019 by Jeannie McInnes

NAT HENTOFF 1925-2017 by Robert D McFadden

NAT HENTOFF 1925-2017 by David A Graham

ORNETTE COLEMAN 1930-2015 by Don Heckman & Elaine Woo

ORNETTE COLEMAN 1930-2015 by John Fordham

MERV ACHESON 1922-1987 by Frank Crook

MERV ACHESON 1922-1987 by Norman Linehan

MERV ACHESON 1922-1987 by Bill Haesler OAM

GRAEME BELL 1914-2012 by Bill Haesler OAM

BILLIE HOLIDAY 1915-1959 by Martin Chilton

ERIC CHILD 1910-1995 by Dick Hughes