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This folder includes obituaries for jazz musicians or persons of significance to the Australian jazz community, written by several contributors. Click on the INDEX box to access a list of obituaries contained in this folder.

Merv Acheson & Joan Harrison 1946

Merv Acheson & Joan Harrison 1946


by Frank Crook

(Probably) Daily Mirror, August 13, 1987

It is difficult to imagine Sydney without Merv Acheson. Every town has its characters and Merv was one of the great icons of the Sydney music scene. There was once a time when you could walk into almost any pub in town where jazz was playing and find Merv on the bandstand, his mottled cheeks ballooning behind the mouthpiece of his saxophone….

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by Norm Linehan

August, 1987

There is no need for me to extol the ability as a musician of Mervyn Acheson, who died in Sydney on 11 August 1987 after a protracted series of surgical operations which even his giant constitution was unable to withstand. Merv was known throughout Australian jazz circles, even to people who had not heard him play, if not for his musical ability then at least for the legends which surrounded him. Among these is the shooting incident at the 2KY auditorium in 1943…





by Bill Haesler OAM

Jazz In Australia website, August, 1987

Mervyn [Merv] Fletcher Acheson (tenor sax/soprano sax/clarinet /bandleader /journalist) was born in Sydney NSW on 31 March 1922. He died in Sydney NSW on 11 August 1987. A legend in his own lifetime, Merv studied violin with his professional musician father at an early age. He was educated at Fort Street Boys’ High School and took up tenor sax at age 11 after breaking his arm playing football. He was self-taught and at 15 played his first professional job at the Cairo Ballroom in Drummoyne…