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This folder includes obituaries for jazz musicians or persons of significance to the Australian jazz community, written by several contributors. Click on the INDEX box to access a list of obituaries contained in this folder.

John Bamford

John Bamford


by Bruce Johnson

Jazz Magazine, Summer/Autumn, 1986

John Bamford was born in Adelaide on July 10, 1930, into a musical family, under whose influence he began playing piano at the age of four. Subsequently he became interested in jazz through the recordings of Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons...


by John Shand

Sydney Morning Herald, early 2008

More than anyone else, Jackie Orszaczky was the hub around which the many-spoked wheel of the Sydney music scene revolved. While the music itself was always his priority, he engendered a sense of community in the process of making it. That a community of musicians could better serve the music, and that the music innately served the needs of the wider community, were central concepts to the Orszaczky philosophy...



Photo courtesy Loretta Barnard

Photo courtesy Loretta Barnard


by Hash Varsani

Len Barnard, Australia’s best loved jazz drummer, died at the age of 76. He was also a pianist, raconteur, wit, bon vivant, and honorary life member of the Musicians’ Union. His passing brought to a conclusion a singular contribution to jazz in this country, running the gamut from traditional jazz (including leading the band that brought his cornet-playing younger brother Bob to prominence), through swing, to modernism (including a high-profile phase with Galapagos Duck)...