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Errol Buddle

Errol Buddle


 by Maree Steinway

March 17, 2018

How did I become involved in Errol’s life? It’s Athol’s fault… Saxophonist Athol Holdernesse organised a ten-piece band for a swing dance at Balmain Town Hall in June 2000. Errol introduced himself to me by a phone call about the rehearsal which was scheduled before the event. I anticipated that he was going to say that tired ol’ cliché, “Ah, you can’t read these charts, luv, you’d better sit this one out.” I am stunned when instead he says, “I’ve got some charts. How do you go about learning the music?”…

Mike Zwerin

Mike Zwerin


by Peter Kenyon

August, 2001

I read with pride the Mike Zwerin review. We all know, of course, about the talent here in Australia – Bernie McGann, Ten Part Invention, Ishish - and I could add many more, as could we all. But the rest of the world doesn’t know really, that we even have a jazz scene, let alone one which is riddled with passion and talent, and which is deserving of wider recognition - as they say in the mags! This is where the National Jazz Development (NJD) Program comes in…

LiepoltHorstMemorialService (2).JPG


by Ted Vining

April 3, 2019

On March 23, 2019, about 30 people attended the St Kilda RSL in Acland Street - almost opposite the old Jazz Centre 44 site - to say farewell to Horst Liepolt, a totally dedicated, enthusiastic, and much-loved jazz entrepreneur in both Australia and the USA, who passed away in New York on January 9, 2019, aged 91. Kaye Blum, who did a magnificent job organising the event, along with Horst's wife Clarita, who travelled from New York for the occasion, put together a 30-minute slide show of memorabilia, to open the proceedings…